Getting Started

With each athlete, we sit down and assess the athletes needs based on the level they’re at and where they want to be.  We offer a video assessment with key athletic and postural movements that pertain to their specific sport.  We revisit the video taping 8 weeks later and assess the progress that the athlete has developed through their training.  We analyze the comparison between the initial assessment and the 8 week report, then assess new goals for the next 8 weeks.

Athlete Assessment

The Coaches at be SPORTS PERFORMANCE will work with you and your teammates with a comprehensive workout program. Throughout our experience working with athletes we have the knowledge and experience to create a strength and conditioning program that fits your athletic needs. Each athlete will get their own skeleton workout template with accessory movements particular to their desired sport(s) and needs.


Workouts are broken down into 3 segments: warmup/speed/agility, strength/power/conditioning and core/stretch/cooldown.  The final segment the coach will break down the day’s workout, what each athlete did well and what to work on.  Strength work includes proper progression and technique based on the information gathered during the initial assessment.

We categorize each athlete into groups of no more than 8 based on skill set and performance level: age, sport and physical ability categorize these groups. 


Nutritional Application

We believe that not all development comes from just training alone.  Nutrition is stressed to each athlete and we break down a personalized caloric intake for all our athletes. We stress the importance of clean eating, proper sleep, hydration and recovery. We stress all the tangibles to develop the most well-rounded athlete we can.


One of the most important and overlooked aspects in training is recovery.  At BSP we prevent injury by teaching our athletes the importance of recovery, flexibility and treatment.  We establish the level at which each athlete is at and start designing proper recovery techniques that will prevent injury and staleness.